Mission Statement

At TIME 4 U LTD we strive to provide the highest standards of care to all our service users. Using a person-centred ethos and Positive Behavioural Support (PBS) we support each client to live in the community as independently as possible. We support service users with a broad spectrum of diagnoses and needs, specialising in creating bespoke care packages to fully support each individual with their specific requirements.  
Our vast experience in supporting service users of varying needs distinguishes us from other care providers. We continue to learn and grow with each individual we support. We pride ourselves in supporting some of society’s most vulnerable individuals with varying needs such as; 
  • Enduring Mental Health Conditions including; Treatment Resistant Schizophrenia, Personality Disorders, Bipolar Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorders, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Anxiety Disorders, Mood Disorders, Severe Depression, Psychosis 
  • Forensic History and/or ongoing legal restrictions such as; under a CTO, Conditional Discharge, subject to MAPPA, subject to ViSOR, Restraining Order, SHPO, Under Licence, Subject to Probation, Under Specialist Forensic Mental Health Team, Previous Detention under the MHA due to Forensic Circumstances.  
  • Dual Diagnosis such as; Learning Disability & Substance/Alcohol Misuse, Learning Disability & Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Learning Disability & Mental Health Diagnosis, Learning Disability & Behaviours that Challenge, Mental Health Diagnosis & Autism, Mental Health & Substance/Alcohol Misuse, Autism/Asperger Syndrome & Acute Mental Health Diagnosis. 
  • Degree of Learning Disability/Autistic Spectrum Disorder/Asperger Syndrome such as; Low-Moderate-High Learning Disabilities, Behaviours that Challenge, Sensory Impairment, Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Asperger Syndrome, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder, Non-Verbal, Dyspraxia. 
  • Step Down Care, Interim Care, Respite Placement, Rehabilitative Placements.  
Our care packages are based on a therapeutic non-restrictive methods using Positive Behavioural Support and Mindfulness. Our support enables independence and promotes recovery and self-regulation.  
We support individuals to become valuable, engaged members of their communities so that
they can lead more meaningful, fulfilling lives. In order to achieve this we engage and liaise with: 
  • Local Events and Training Resources such as; Adult Education Centres, Job Fayres, Job Centres, Local Colleges, Local Universities, Night Classes and Access to Education Courses. 
  • Local Community Activities such as; Trampolining, Ice Skating, Football, Basketball, Hockey, Horse Riding, Youth Centres, Bingo Halls, Disco’s, Local Pubs, Local Clubs and Arcades.  
  • Local General Practitioners, Health Services, Walk in Centre’s, Hospitals, Community Mental Health Teams, Specialised Care, Counsellors and Psychologists.  
  • Advocacy Services such as POhWER or SEAP. 
  • Local Authority Departments such as; Social Workers, Senior Practitioners, Personal Assistants, Social Work Assistants, Commissioners, Brokerage Team and Placements Team. 
  • Improving the experiences and quality of life of our clients by exploring their interests, needs and wants and connecting them will all the local resources.  
  • Recovery Networks such as; Mind, CGL, Turning Point and Megan CIC. 
Our management team is comprised of a diverse group of individuals each with background in their own specialities ranging from Mental Health Nursing, Residential Care, Learning Disabilities, Autism, Mental Health Act, Clinical Psychology, Counselling, Psychotherapy and Positive Behavioural Support. By harnessing this combined pool of knowledge, it enabled us to provide a specialised wrap around package tailoring each approach and support plan with detail and finesse, focusing on the clients need and diagnosis and ensuring they receive the most effective and therapeutic support to aid their recovery and enable their ongoing independence.  

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