Supported Living For Learning Disabilities

According to the NHS, learning disabilities affect the way a person learns throughout their lifetime which can mean they have difficulty understanding new or complex information, learning new skills and coping independently. It is thought that approximately 1.5 million people in the UK have a learning disability with around 350,000 having a severe learning disability, and this number is only increasing. With such a significant part of the population being affected comes an undeniable need for effective person centered support to ensure all individuals are provided the best possible chance at a good quality of life. At Time 4 U Limited we believe this is where expertly managed and effectively delivered personal behaviour support has a place, largely in the form of supported living for learning disabilities. 


What Is A Learning Disability?


A learning disability is often categorised in terms of its severity, most often: mild, moderate or severe and can help to determine the level of person centered support an individual may require. For some with mild learning disabilities only minor support might be needed, whilst they be able to generally look after themselves it could be that they require a little extra time when it comes to learning new things.  For those with more severe learning difficulties, communication on any level might be a challenge, and there may be a greater need for additional help with daily activities, especially if other disabilities are also present. Children expressing learning disabilities might have special education needs (SEN) which are important to recognise as early as possible to ensure the best possible support throughout school. In some cases, a person might have a severe learning disability as well as other physical or mental disabilities that can have a significant impact on their ability to lead an independent life. This is sometimes known as a profound and multiple learning disability, and can mean the individual requires a significant level of care and support such as the supported living for learning disabilities we offer here at Time 4 U Limited. 


What Causes Learning Disabilities?


There is not always a clear reason for why some learning disabilities present themselves in individuals, however in most cases learning disabilities are the result of a person’s brain development being affected either during pregnancy, at birth or in early childhood. This can often affect an individual’s ability to live as independently as they would like, which is where supported living for learning disabilities can be a very effective form of accommodation. Of course in some cases the reason for a learning disability is not thought to be linked to any of these stages of development. Some health conditions are commonly associated with the existence or development of learning disabilities, for example people with autism might also have some form of learning disability whilst it is thought that around 30% of people with epilepsy also have some form of learning disability. 


Supported Living For Learning Disabilities


Learning disabilities are more often than not fairly well fixed in terms of their development which can mean medicinal treatment and even some forms of therapy are not the most effective means of support. Here at Time 4 U Limited, we believe person centered support is the most effective way to help those with learning disabilities go on to lead as independent as life as they feel capable. We offer a range of different types of accommodation, ach of which offering bespoke services in supported living for learning disabilities.  With years of experience in providing supported living learning diabilites our team of professionals listen to the individuals, families and carers involved to construct a well informed and highly effective support plan. We understand and successfully work with a number of different aspects of learning disabilities including (and certainly not limited to):


Dual diagnosis 

Mental health

Autism spectrum condition


Sensory impairment

Challenging behaviour

Asperger's syndrome


Our Supported Living for Learning Disabilities


If you or a loved one are in need of supported living for learning disabilities, the team here at Time 4 U Limited are experienced in delivering high quality support to a range of individuals as well as their families and carers. Our supported living for learning disabilities offer support within the comfort of home as well as CQC certified homes and supported living services, depending on the needs of the individual. At the heart of our supported living for learning disabilities is a focus on person-centered support, taking the individual goals, personalities and unique choices or ambitions in life to devise a carefully tailored plan in line with our personal behaviour support model. If you would like any more information on our supported living for learning disabilities or need to talk to a member of the team, please contact us today. 

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