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Here in the UK our increasingly ageing population has meant that a growing number of people are now living longer, which unfortunately means an  increased likelihood of developing not only one but multiple health conditions as individuals reach their later years. Guidance from the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE) suggests that  the prevalence of long term conditions has a very strong link to ageing. With this comes the very real need for more flexible and accommodating approach to health and social care, largely in the form of supported living for complex care. 


What is Complex Care?


In recent years, the term ‘complex care’ has been increasingly used across a number of healthcare disciplines including the health and social care sector, and is certainly something that the team here at TIME 4 U LTD are involved with. Largely informed by legislation such as the Care Act 2014, complex care is underpinned by the fundamentals of person centered care and is an increasingly popular source of support for those with long term health conditions.  However, defining ‘complex care’ is not always as clear cut as it might seem, with many studies suggesting that the varied nature of the term makes it difficult to assign any one meaning to it. “Accurately defining complexity is essential to create interventions to improve patient care” (Mount et al, 2015). At its simplest, ‘complex care’ is used to describe patients in need of health and social care that can accommodate multiple diagnoses. What makes it a highly effective form of person centered support is that is recognises the individual, allowing the development of  a framework of long term support to be drawn up that is tailored for the person in need as well as the family and carers involved. 


What Does Supported Living For Complex Care Look Like?


Supported living for complex care has a strong focus on long term conditions, and one of the most important outcomes for older people is the prevention, delay and slowing down the progression of long term health conditions. As a form of person centered support, complex care also focuses on a number of other important individual outcomes such as quality of life, dignity, independence and personal choice.  All organisations and care services delivering supported living for complex care have a responsibility to carefully plan and deliver services that will provide the best possible outcomes for the individuals in their care. 


Complex patients can have any number of long term health conditions requiring support in the areas of mental health, medication related problems and even social isolation. No two people are the same, so whether its helping with daily tasks, providing medication related support or working to improve self confidence and social inclusion, supported living for complex care comes in a number of different forms. 


Our Supported Living For Complex Care 


Here at TIME 4 U LTD, we have a range of accommodation options offering supported living for complex care. With a strong overall focus on positive behaviour support, our complex care services protect individuals from being treated as a collection of health conditions or symptoms but instead, as a whole person. We understand that supported living for complex care requires a lot more than simply treating the physical symptoms of a condition, individuals require integrated support with a joint-up approach to care that is unfortunately not always easy to come by. Our team of care experts recognise that issues such as poor mental health can have a significant impact on long term conditions, often contributing to social isolation and poor physical health which can exacerbate an underlying condition.

Our highly qualified team of care experts have years of experience in delivering high quality person centered support including complex care, we work within the homes of the individuals as well as within our dedicated residential homes. If you or a loved one are in need of supported living for complex care services, or you would like to speak with a member of our team please do contact us for more information.

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