Our Values

E - Elevate
N - Nurture
A - Aspire
B - Bespoke
L - Listen
E - Enrich


Our values are at the heart of everything we do at Time4u. These fundamental beliefs
provide the foundations that all our services are built on. They have been developed and
refined over many years of working in the field and are underpinned by our extensive

The values encapsulated in E.N.A.B.L.E. express our commitment to supporting individuals
to live the most rewarding and fulfilling life that they can. By listening to our clients and
their families and friends, our highly skilled staff build a detailed picture of their daily needs
as well as their hopes and aspirations for the future. This allows us to design and implement
bespoke service that enrich lives and nurture recovery.

Our values represent the essence of how we work with clients. We deliver these values,
using Positive Behaviour Support (PBS), the proactive approach to care. In our many years of
experience we have found that the person-centred PBS method is extremely effective, and
particularly so with individuals who express behaviour that can be challenging. We use PBS
because we see every day that it can help make such positive differences to people’s lives.
We involve family and friends as well as clients to ensure care meets the needs of
individuals and that is also reflects the person they are, and what they want now and in the
future. Our staff team, at all levels of the organisation, are highly skilled in delivering this
approach and we are continually improving our expertise.

For more information about how we use Positive Behaviour Support at Time4u click here

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