Rising energy costs - a threat to independent living of the vulnerable

Posted 03 Oct 22

Vulnerable members of the community particularly those in Supported and other Independent Living are reeling from increased utilities cost. Universal credit allowances have not increased in tandem. TIme 4 U Ltd supports vulnerable adults in maximising their benefits and in applying for grants to ease the pain Read More »

Botswana Covid-19 Variant and what it means to Skilled Workers

Posted 26 Nov 21

The UK Gvnt has urgently updated travel guidelines for Southern African countries. What does this mean for the Skilled Workers migrating to the UK? Read More »

What Does Effective Positive Behaviour Support Look Like?

Posted 13 Dec 19

Positive Behaviour Support or PBS is a form of person centred support promoting dignity, human rights and respect and is aimed at providing a long term support for all those involved. So what makes for ‘good’ positive behaviour support and what might that look like in practice? According to the BILD centre for the advancement of positive behaviour support, we should all be able to see ‘good’ PBS being delivered in 5 key ways. Read More »

What Is Positive Behaviour Support?

Posted 31 Jul 19

Positive behaviour support or PBS as it is often known, is aimed at helping those expressing one or more behaviours that are seen as ‘challenging’ in some way. It is this element of person centred support that we are particularly interested in. Instead of applying the rules of a more rigid approach to care, PBS puts the individual first every time, celebrating humanistic differences and using them to inform care plans. Read More »

Securing Community-Based Supportive Housing, One Bed At A Time

Posted 29 Apr 19

According to the World Health Organisation a staggering 1 in 4 of us are affected by mental or neurological disorders at some point in our lives and for some, hospitalisation can be the only option where personal safety becomes a concern. However, many organisations and official bodies specialising in mental health argue that this should not, and was certainly never intended to be, a long term solution. Here at Time 4 U Limited, we believe that high quality supportive housing and assisted living services can provide invaluable long term support to struggling to cope with mental illness, and a number of organisations would agree. Read More »


Posted 25 Jan 18

Since creating the first bionic hand in 2014, a team of scientists have developed the hand so that it can sense touch and can be worn out of the lab. Almerina Mascarello was it’s first user. She lost her left hand after an accident which happened almost 25 years ago. She says the hand has e... Read More »


Posted 25 Jan 18

Somniloquy is known as the condition for talking whilst sleeping and not being aware of it. The dialogues involved can be cryptic such as mumbling or can be clear dialogue, additionally their voice can sound different to when they are awake. Sleep talking is usually only common in men and children; ... Read More »


Posted 25 Jan 18

A research study carried out by Cambridge showed that this technique helps students deal better with stress. The study involved over 600 Cambridge students and concluded that the introduction of an eight-week mindfulness course in UK universities could help improve mental illness, whilst improving o... Read More »


Posted 25 Jan 18

Haemophilia is a rare condition the blood’s ability to clot. It is genetic meaning that it is usually inherited and common mainly in men. People who have Haemophilia do not have as many clotting factors which are the proteins that help bleeding to stop along with platelets (blood cells) that c... Read More »

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