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For many people with learning disabilities, mental illness, complex care needs or struggling with challenging behaviour, day to day tasks can become difficult without additional help. For some, finding the right supported living service can be crucial to their health and happiness and wellbeing.

At Time 4 U Limited, we have extensive experience of providing supported living accommodation and support to diverse group of people across all ages. We understand that individuals seeking supported accommodation come from all walks of life and that individual needs are unique to each person. 
Our highly skilled team and wealth of quality accommodation means that we are extremely well placed to provide bespoke support to a diverse group of people of all ages. Our support is safe and effective because we use a person-centred Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) approach in all our services. This evidence-based method helps ensure that each client has their specific needs met but that they can also thrive and experience more rewarding and meaningful lives. We strive to make sure that residents feel at home in our supported accommodation. And beyond the home we build social inclusion into personal support plans to give every client the opportunity to feel like a valued member of their community. 

Finding the right supported living services and supported living accommodation can be a little bewildering.  Everyone is different and for each person, finding the ‘right time’ to seek supported living services can vary. We will make sure that if we provide any service to a client, that it is the right serice for them, delivered at the right time for them.

Time 4 U is committed to providing bespoke support solutions to ensure that the people we support are treated as individuals and that their specific needs are fully met. Our organisation has a background in social housing provision and has acquired a great deal of expertise in the field as well as an extensive portfolio of housing stock. With access to a range of properties, we can respond swiftly to provide the right housing and support solutions to all our clients. Our social housing background enables us to be flexible and agile; properties can be adapted quickly to meet emerging needs.

Our teams of highly experienced staff are also invaluable in ensuring individuals find the right support solutions without delay. Our Social Workers have developed excellent communication systems which enables teams to quickly identify where clients may find the housing solution that best meets their needs. We can also rapidly identify which clients might do well together and who may have complimentary needs and interests. In this way, services can be established very quickly for small groups of clients. Time4U has exceptional access to a range of properties and has built up strong relationships with partner organisations and other agencies which enables us to move rapidly when specific commissioning solutions are required.



Time 4 U Limited has many years’ experience in providing support across three key areas of enablement, namely; daily living skills, social skills and help into employment. Working closely with individuals staying in our supportive accommodation within each of these areas is imperative to providing not only a safe home, but also a real opportunity for a better quality of life in the long term.

 We follow a person-centred approach to delivering services based on Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) principles. We see every day how this evidence-based method is highly effective in helping people live their best lives and how it can reduce challenging behaviour. We use the PBS approach to develop effective care plans that is uniquely tailored to each person. For more information on our PBS approach click here.

With PBS at the forefront of our offering, supported living services from Time 4 U Limited encourage service users to achieve a high level of independence within their own living space, an essential part of improving general quality of life. With a service of this kind, individuals are provided the additional benefit of regular help with some of the everyday tasks that can become a struggle such as dressing, washing or taking medication. Supported living services can have a significant positive impact in building a person’s self-esteem and confidence in order to be able to explore and celebrate their own identity.  

Depending on individual backgrounds, needs or personalities, each service user will receive expert help and guidance in areas such as building self-confidence, reaching goals and learning essential life skills. All of our supported living services aim to be engaging, challenging and most of all rewarding. Our team-work with clients and their families and friends to construct programmes with timelines that are in accordance with individual capabilities, to not only see positive results that can be sustained. If you are interested in learning more about any of our supported living services, supported living accommodation or positive behaviour support please contact us and a member of our team will be happy to help. (Click here for our contact details)



Supporting people with complex care needs including mental health conditions, forensic history, or learning disabilities requires specific training. This training is essential for staff to provide safe and effective care to clients who may have very different individual needs. In addition to specialist training, personal qualities such as compassion and resourcefulness are also highly important to ensure that clients feel valued and cared for.

Our team’s knowledge and expertise in supported living services comes from a broad range of experiences including, and certainly not limited to supported living with mental health needs, dual diagnosis, mild learning difficulties and forensic clients. All of the supported living goals and objectives we devise on an individual level with our end users are carried out to the highest possible standards, and in accordance with the Health And Social Care Act 2008 and appropriate Care Quality Commission (CQC) guidelines. Practical help is, naturally, high on our agenda, but we also believe and an essential part of any assisted or supported living service is allowing people to engage with their communities in a way that makes them feel valued. Our dedicated team liaise and consult with a number of individuals and groups to ensure this happens, including GPs, Local Authorities and Recovery Colleges as well as local events, activities and training programmes. Our supported living services aim to uncover each individual’s strengths and weaknesses in order to find activities tailored to them specifically, which will not only help them take control of their day-to-day lives but also improve their mental health and wellbeing.



Our team at Time 4 U Limited has extensive experience in providing assisted living and supported living services across the South and South East of the UK. 

Our services are provided on a High, Medium and Low needs basis. We take great care to ensure that precisely the right support is delivered at the right time for all our clients. This means our assisted living and supported living services are flexible according to need; ranging from a few hours a day to round-the-clock care. Individual development and progression are at the core of our services, and we closely monitor our clients’ progress. Personal care plans are regularly updated to ensure they remain relevant to what clients need at any given time and that support is always provided at the optimum level to suit each person’s needs.

Our team provide expert assisted living and support care services across Kent, East and West Sussex, London, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Northamptonshire. If you are interested in any of our services or would like to learn a little more about how respite care could work for you please contact us for more information. Click on the link here for our contact details.

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